A bit about me x

Firstly I'd like to thank you for visiting my web site.

I am guessing you or a family member will be expecting the arrival of a beautiful baby sometime soon! Congratulations!

I know that most families will own a camera or a camera phone but there's something special about a professional photograph which is either kept in a box or displayed on the wall, it's something that will stay in the family forever. 

I recently had to experience the sudden death of my wonderful mum, and I would do anything to have a professional photograph of us together. Instead, all I have are 3 poorly lit photos, one of which was taken with a phone. It's now that I realise the importance of being in a photograph with my children. Not just for me but for them! Im slightly overweight, most days wear no makeup and like most mums I have days when I look a bit rubbish, none the less if one of my 3 children ask for a photo they can have one. Never will I say no, I look terrible. Why? Because I'm just a mum, but to them, I'm their mum. A mum who one day will no longer be here and all they will have is photographs and memories. Because of this experience, I will encourage all of my clients to be a part of the photoshoot and be in at least a couple of photos.

My style of photography has changed dramatically over the years. I have photographed in excess of 4000 babies, in fireman helmets, snowboarding helmets, giant teacups, .. the list goes on. Now I prefer to have an image that will be timeless. Bring back memories, a record of expression, and the love you have for your tiny new baby whom you've waited for so patiently. Don't get me wrong, I'm still in love with posed images but both serve different purposes which is why I will happily provide what suits my client. 

Most of my own photos are printed and in a box, personally I love to have one or two pieces of wall art and the rest as prints. I will treasure that box of prints and one day my children will have them to look through.

For my clients, I offer a selection of wall art, prints, or the option for digital images via download or images loaded onto a USB for your own personal use.

I am fully trained in baby handling and the safety of working with babies and children, DBS checked and fully insured. I have attended advanced first aid courses along with many training courses to develop my skills as a photographer.

Training and workshops with some of the world's top photographers including Robin Long, Munchkins & Mohawks, Tracy Willis, Kristen Cook, Peter Prior & Imelda Bell changed the way I work, I know how fortunate I have been to spend time and learn from these world-class, award-winning photographers.

Having been featured in a fantastic book by the wonderful Mimika Cooney I was left feeling so inspired that I am in the process of my own publication.

whilst currently studying for my master's in photography, I still ensure I make the time to catch up with family & friends along with welcoming new clients through my door every day.

I look forward to meeting you and your family and capturing these special moments for you.

Bye for now

Louise x


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